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A comprehensive and engaging suite of elearning modules to support mental and physical wellbeing of employees in the rail work environment


  • E-learning
  • Mobile first, responsive 

The training need

RSSB had undertaken a cross-industry training needs analysis for the wellbeing champion role in the rail industry. As a result of this analysis, RSSB devised their Wellbeing Champions Training Programme. The target audience comprises rail employees who volunteer to take on the role of a Wellbeing Champion, and the e-learning aims to provide learners with an understanding of health and wellbeing, develop their communication skills and confidence and encourage open discussion of health and wellbeing with colleagues, as well as supporting a health-focused culture at work. RSSB required a blended training approach, combining remote webinars, a Q&A session and a combination of off-the-shelf and bespoke elearning modules.

Walkgrove was commissioned to create a 75-minute e-learning module split into two components; one for core content (60 minutes) and one for the 15-minute assessment. Together, these online elements form the bespoke e-learning part of RSSB’s blended training approach.

Our bespoke learning solution

We created an informative, activity-led e-learning solution that is clear, concise, and easy to understand. We used the Adapt authoring tool to ensure that the course is responsive, adopting a clean, uncluttered approach to content presentation. This ensures that the learning is accessible from all devices including desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

We established a consistent and contemporary visual identity and tone of voice which is appropriate for both the subject matter, and the target learner demographic.

The e-learning features topics which are structured thematically and written succinctly. Each topic focuses on a specific learning objective. Each section contains key content, as well as regular and varied self-test exercises that validates the learning for the audience and ensures comprehension and retention. The content was further supported by full, descriptive audio, as well as a resources section for additional reference materials. The core content is followed by a summative assessment, intended to link the learning back to the key objectives for the course and to reinforce those takeaways upon completion.

Ultimately, the solution works to equip staff with the knowledge and confidence required to act as wellbeing champions across the business, with the ultimate aim of supporting colleagues and their wellbeing better.