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Mobile learning, 3D animations, video and audio, delivered via a touch screen notepad


  • E-learning
  • Video
  • Animation
  • 3D
  • Simulation
This program uses sophisticated 3D modelling and animations, video and audio to create a virtual multimeter to help train roadside rescue crew members in the correct use and application of the equipment. Walkgrove were selected for this project because of our pedigree in technical training.

The program is delivered via the RAC A5 notebook computer, which has a touch screen. Notice that the navigation buttons are positioned so that the learner can operate the program easily using their thumb.

Updated materials are downloaded onto the learner’s notebook computer via the internet.

The virtual multimeter behaves in exactly the same way as the real thing. The program includes tutorial modules, a practice module in which the user can use the meter for a range of typical applications, and an assessment for which student results are stored for access and analysis by an authorised trainer or line manager.