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Guidance for criminal justice practitioners working with offenders


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Walkgrove created a rich multimedia course for practitioners in the criminal justice system to address some of the key issues involved in working with offending ex-armed services personnel.

The training need

The Probation Institute identified that veterans are under-recognised within the criminal justice system. When it comes to probation, this significantly damages their chances of effective rehabilitation into the community and desistance from offending.

The Institute piloted a successful face-to-face training for practitioners to facilitate more effective support for veterans and commissioned Walkgrove to develop a high-quality e-learning module that would help them roll out this training more widely .

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove created a one-hour practical learning module to equip criminal justice practitioners with a response to the unique challenges, risks and opportunities in working with ex-armed services personnel under supervision and achieve better outcomes for this group of offenders.

In four short modules, the course focuses on facts about ex-armed services personnel who offend, how to recognise specific needs, risks and strengths, and how to work successfully with veterans including accessing peer support and specialist armed services charities.

The bespoke e-learning course makes sensitive use of real-life imagery, video and audio throughout the course that foregrounds the perspective and lived reality of ex-armed services personnel who have been through the criminal justice system. This approach personalises the learning content and generates empathy for the offender group that practitioners will be supporting, achieving better learning outcomes through creating emotional engagement with the learning material.

To make content digestible and memorable, the custom e-learning design includes tips and thoughts from practitioners, helpful infographics and regular thought-provoking exercises.