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Drugs and treatment awareness to better support service users


  • E-learning
  • Animation
  • Mobile first, responsive
  • Story/scenario driven
  • Video
The training need

In response to Carol Black’s Phase One and Two Reports, The Probation Institute identified a need to improve the knowledge and understanding of drug types, associated offending and available treatment and support for employees across the Probation and Prison Services. This training would also extend to those in community and volunteer roles.

The key requirement was to help learners understand their role in working with service users who use drugs or have a history of drug use. To achieve this, learners need the necessary knowledge to promptly and proactively recognise problematic drug use within their sector, and support and divert service users to appropriate treatment pathways.

Our bespoke learning solution

Our bespoke e-learning solution features a mixed media approach – incorporating vibrant animation and lively infographics to engage learners and lead them by their curiosity.

To facilitate on-the-go, any-time learning, this solution is fully responsive, enabling learners to move freely throughout the course via an interactive menu – supporting its role as a reference tool for learners to access quickly and at their convenience. Divided into six sections, the course guides learners through the context and facts around drug use, to practical application in their supporting role. Its responsiveness allows the learners to access the course via The Probation Institute’s website on their mobile for quick tips and references – enabling them to access information at their own pace through interactive components to support information recall.

The course features a video introduction from Dame Carol Black to set the context of the e-learning, followed by a highly interactive series of activities, allowing learners to explore the bigger picture of the issue around service provision and support for drug users.

This e-learning embeds low-stakes quizzing via multiple choice questions and activities to ensure learners feel able to show their current level of understanding and reflect on their learning in an open and approachable way.

Scenarios are a key feature of this course, immersing the learner in stories and video-testimony to provide context and make personal connections between the service users and those who will be supporting them.