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Large blended programme of e-learning, workshops and digital tools to develop management skills


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  • Blended
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Walkgrove, sub-contracted to Premier Partnership created a comprehensive people management programme of blended training for the Post Office, including bespoke e-learning and interactive workshops.

The training need

The Post Office had no consistent management training for new and existing people managers, who often learned on the job and had to develop their own management approach. There were inconsistencies in skills and styles and so managers were not helping team members to reach their full potential.

The Post Office wanted to create a business-wide training programme to equip approximately 3,000 new and existing people managers to deliver business goals through effective management of their teams. The organisation envisioned a blended programme that combined excellence in workshop and masterclass delivery with cutting edge digital resources and follow-up activities.

The Post Office commissioned managed services company, Premier Partnership, to create the training intervention and Premier selected Walkgrove as their digital design partners.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove created a diagnostic tool, seven bespoke e-learning modules and follow-up learning activities to increase the capability and confidence of people managers across the Post Office.

The learning experience is highly personalised. The intervention begins with a one-hour digital self-assessment of learner competence and confidence, using a bespoke diagnostic tool comprising sixty questions. After learners are shown what ‘good’ looks like, they assess their own skills and confidence levels.

Their responses are summarised and visualised in a spider diagram. Learners can return to the assessment at any point and are encouraged to do so after classroom events or follow-up project activities in order to re-assess themselves and chart their progress.

Once completed, the diagnostic directs the learner to a highly visual suite of custom e-learning modules which deliver the key learning points. Based on how learners had answered, the modules which would be of most benefit to them are signposted, although learners can complete all modules if they wish. Some learners, new starters for example, are required to complete the whole programme.

E-learning modules focus on developing knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours that support best practice in policy and people management processes. Topics cover the role of the people manager and approaches to leadership, supporting team wellbeing, performance management, change management, continuous improvement and employee relations policies.

The total learning time of the e-learning is three and a quarter hours, but content is delivered in small chunks to make information easier to absorb and understand. Each module is between 20 and 45 minutes in duration.

Throughout the course, Walkgrove include short questions to ask the learner to apply their new knowledge, giving them a deeper understanding of the material.

Walkgrove’s e-learning development team designed short bursts of animation to deliver and summarise information succinctly, supported by friendly audio narration that adds value to on-screen learning content. The visual approach aligns with the Post Office brand and uses a light-hearted illustration style throughout. The course is designed to feel familiar whilst being dynamic, engaging and with touches of humour thrown in.                                   

The bespoke modules are designed to complement the face-to face, facilitated elements of the learning. Workshops give learners the opportunity to develop their knowledge by actively applying it in the classroom through case studies, discussions and problem solving with fellow managers.

Walkgrove developed follow up materials to the e-learning modules and the classroom learning in the form of interactive PDFs, which provide reminders of the key learning points and prompt learners to keep using the knowledge they have acquired.

Our learning experts also created a formal post-learning assessment to test and evidence total knowledge and skills gained by the end of the blended programme. This information is fed back via the learning management system, giving hands on information about the success of Post Office managers.

To help support the training rollout, Walkgrove produced an interactive PDF for participants and stakeholders that explains the programme goals and structure.