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Essential training on the organisation’s business model


  • E-learning
  • Animation
Walkgrove created a fast-paced and interactive e-learning course to help senior managers at PepsiCo understand the company’s business model in European markets.

The training need

The SwissCo Operating Model (SwissCo) is PepsiCo’s business model for its snacks

and nutrition businesses across a number of markets in Europe.

PepsiCo wanted its staff, particularly senior decision-makers, to understand how to operate within the SwissCo framework and avoid exposing PepsiCo to unnecessary risks through non-compliance.

The company’s existing training was face-to-face which involved significant resource investment and limited reach as well as small variations in delivery. PepsiCo wanted a refreshed digital training experience that would deliver a clear, accurate and consistent message in a format that guaranteed maximum learner reach for time-pressed senior staff.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove created a one-hour bespoke e-learning course for PepsiCo senior management. After a motivational opening video presented by a senior executive, the course introduces SwissCo’s rationale and structure and explores how learners could make business decisions in a manner which is compliant with SwissCo principles.

The tone of the e-learning is professional, clear, and assertive and reflects the PepsiCo culture with a bright and engaging design.

Walkgrove’s custom e-learning design team delivered an intuitive, learner-driven experience using clean and uncluttered screens. We used a highly visual approach to present SwissCo operating models, featuring bespoke interactive diagrams and exploratory graphics. The course is packed with interactivity, including timed challenges and interactive decision-making scenarios.