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Highly engaging systems training indroducing the Always Learning Gateway to learners


  • E-learning
  • Animation
  • Gamification

Pearson’s Always Learning Gateway (ALG) is a fully resourced, online, dynamic learning environment that delivers a comprehensive curriculum. It has the potential to transform the way students learn by ‘flipping’ the classroom environment from teacher-directed to student-facing. It facilitates a shift from a teacher-based monologue (one-to-many) to a student-centred learning dialogue (one-to-one and one-to-a-few). The ALG is designed to enable a more holistic learning experience in terms of engagement between students, teachers, parents/carers and learning resources.

Our job was to develop a highly engaging e-learning module to introduce the current version of ALG to students and teachers – the concept, how it works, alternative operating modes, key benefits, features and functionality.

The primary purpose is to help students and teachers with their initial navigation around ALG. Subsequently, it will provide a dip-in resource for refresher purposes.

Treatment was critical. Our solution needed to be creative, exciting and innovative. The student version, in particular, should introduce the ALG in a fun way.

Therefore, our approach is one of engagement and discovery. Parts of the learning are presented in the form of a series of short games incorporating features such as ‘build your own character’, where the learner has to explore the blank ALG interface in order to find and then learn about the different elements of the ALG, building the interface as they go. Once discovered, each particular component is explained via short learning sequences. The student builds their knowledge bit by bit, feature by feature.