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A series of workshops to raise awareness of disability issues among communications staff


  • Face to face

Walkgrove designed and delivered a series of short workshops for communication specialists working in central government departments.

Each workshop is tailored to the requirements of the department or agency but in general the aim of the workshops is to assist government communicators to:

  •  Create accessible (inclusive) communications
  •  Involve disabled people in projects
  •  Represent disabled people positively

They are designed for a mixed audience of communication professionals. Some delegates have little or no knowledge of disability. Prior to attending this workshop, participants are asked to identify and bring along to the workshop samples of their work which are used in small group discussions.

The workshop enables participants to:

  •  Understand that disability is a global issue relevant to all civil servants
  •  Understand and use the social model of disability in their workplace
  •  Have an overview of the Disability Discrimination Act, the Disability Equality Duty and the government’s 2025 vision
  •  Explain civil servants’ duties to consult with and involve disabled people in their work
  •  Identify communication barriers that can exclude disabled people and identify ways of providing reasonable adjustments to overcome those barriers
  •  Identify a range of alternative formats to assist with communications and when to use them
  •  Identify toolkits and resources to assist them in the workplace with inclusive communications and marketing
  •  Understand how to include positive language and images of disabled people in their communications