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Health, safety and wellbeing awareness training for all Ofcom staff


  • E-learning

Ofcom regards the wellbeing of colleagues to be of utmost importance and its approach to health and safety reflects this.

This e-learning module is a mandatory course. It provides an overview of policies and procedures and signposts colleagues to other specific information available on the Ofcom intranet, the Loop. The module is a pre-requisite to any further targeted health and safety training.

The aim is to raise awareness about health, safety and wellbeing across the organisation: what the benefits are, what action is required and what the learners’ responsibilities are to themselves, their colleagues and the business.

The program helps to drive behavioural and attitudinal change; challenging any resistance to adopting good practice and encouraging learners to play their part in Ofcom’s positive health, safety and wellbeing culture.

The program also provides a ‘wrapper’ for Ofcom’s existing health and safety resources, making its policies and procedures more accessible and easily understood.

After completing the e-learning Ofcom employees are able to:

  •  Communicate the benefits of a positive health, safety and wellbeing culture
  •  Summarise Ofcom’s approach to health, safety and wellbeing
  •  Outline key roles and responsibilities (business, managers and colleagues)
  •  Describe the work of Ofcom’s Health and Safety Committee
  •  Recognise some common health and safety risks in the workplace
  •  Recall practical techniques for reducing these risks
  •  Apply aspects of Ofcom’s policies and procedures to given situations
  •  Recall how and where to find further information on safety and wellbeing at Ofcom