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Mandatory counter fraud and anti-bribery training for all Ofcom staff


  • E-learning

Following implementation of the Bribery Act 2010, which makes failure to prevent bribery a corporate offence, Ofcom commissioned Walkgrove to develop an e-learning solution to raise staff awareness of two recently published policies: the Counter Fraud Policy and the Anti-Bribery Policy.

We designed a fast-paced and memorable e-learning module which encourages learners to become familiar with the policies, and their associated processes and procedures, at a high level. We created an attractive and immersive magazine style interface to drive the e-learning experience and allow the learner to explore the information available. Links to the two key policies and other linked policies, such as the Expenses Policy and the Whistleblowing Policy are always available and supplement the core learning via a ‘Quick links’ feature.

A scenario-based approach is adopted. The salient points of Ofcom’s Anti-Bribery and Counter Fraud Policies is presented through a series of case studies relevant to the organisation.

After completing the e-learning, Ofcom staff are able to:

  •  Understand the context and legislative background to the Anti-Bribery and Counter Fraud Policies
  •  Define key concepts such as ‘What is a bribe?’ and ‘What constitutes fraud?’
  •  Explain the benefits of an organisation free from bribery and fraud
  •  List the key elements of both the Anti-Bribery Policy and the Counter Fraud Policy
  •  Detect early indications of bribery or fraud within Ofcom
  •  Describe the high-level process for reporting bribery or fraud within Ofcom
  •  Communicate Ofcom’s zero tolerance towards bribery and fraud
  •  Describe the consequences of non-compliance with the Anti-Bribery and Counter Fraud Policies
  •  Reference both the Anti-Bribery and Counter Fraud Policies, and other related policies, quickly and easily