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Northumbria University

Walkgrove created a simple and engaging introduction to anti-bribery measures for university staff, as part of a wider initiative to embed e-learning within the organisation’s learning culture.

The training need

Northumbria University wanted to encourage the use of e-learning as a development tool within the organisation.

The university commissioned Walkgrove to deliver 10 modules from our Ready-To-Go Fundamentals suite of e-learning, as well as a bespoke compliance module that mirrored the same look and feel.

The bespoke learning module needed to equip 3,500 staff with an understanding of their obligations with regards to anti-bribery and anti-corruption under the Bribery Act 2010.

It was vital that the e-learning illustrated the positive potential of e-learning as an engaging and effective learning method.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove developed a 30-minute course for Northumbria University staff to explain the Bribery Act and its relevance to their institution. The bespoke e-learning course demonstrates how bribery can impact individuals as well as the University more widely, explains expected standards of behaviour and outlines the signs of bribery and the steps to report concerns.

With a slick look and feel that mirrors the other modules, the custom e-learning course delivers the simple messages in a hard-hitting and memorable way.

Throughout the tutorial, learners are reminded of the importance of applying anti-bribery and anti-corruption measures and offered clear guidance, which is split into bite-sized chunks of text accompanied by helpful visual prompts. To complete the modules, learners must pass a ten-question assessment.

All the bespoke and generic e-learning modules were deployed on a Northumbria University branded version of Walkgrove’s lightweight learning management system, Svelte.

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