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Game-based approach to health and wellbeing training using realistic scenarios


  • E-learning
  • Simulation
  • Gamification
  • Story/scenario driven

Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust commissioned Walkgrove to design an e-learning solution as part of the Health and Wellbeing initiative.

The project is driven by the results and recommendations of the Boorman Review (2008) which highlighted the need for manager training in terms of staff health and wellbeing and its impact on patient care and overall organisational performance.

Our design creates something simple without being simplistic, enjoyable without being patronising, and above all practical, helpful and relevant to the target audience.

A game-based approach engages learners from the outset, inspiring them to follow the course to the end. For the majority of the course, learners play the role of a manager who has taken on a small team. They choose their own team according to their own (clinical or non-clinical) role.

The introductory module is constructed around a team meeting for which the learner prepares by reviewing dossiers of the individual team members.

The remaining modules constitute an unfolding drama built around the three team members and a challenging relationship between the learner and his or her manager. Each module focuses on a series of incidents at work and the learner’s task is to judge how to handle each one.