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Effective communication training focused on the patient journey


  • E-learning
  • Award winning
  • Video
  • Simulation
  • Gamification
  • Story/scenario driven

Mixed messages is a highly interactive e-learning product aimed at all staff at all levels in the NHS and private sector healthcare providers.

Its focus is on the patient journey with an emphasis on the need for effective communication between hospital staff, the patient and the patient’s relatives or carers.

The program uses a case study, which is based on a true story. Following the receipt of a letter of complaint, the learner is asked to join a team of investigators to review the circumstances of the case and make recommendations regarding the outcome.

Following each scenario, the learner is required to complete an interactive exercise. These screens show a typical exercise where the learner takes on the role of a member of staff and is required to select the most appropriate responses. Naturally, each exercise is followed by comprehensive, contextual feedback.

This product won a DTI e-commerce award in the Health Sector and has been approved as an accredited program for distribution throughout the NHS by their Core Learning Unit
Core Learning Unit