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Practical toolkit for healthcare staff

Walkgrove created a reflective and practice-oriented training toolkit for frontline healthcare staff about how to reduce distress for patients with dementia.

The training need

As part of their training for the healthcare workforce, NHS Education for Scotland (NES)

commissioned Walkgrove to develop an online course for frontline staff working with someone who has received a diagnosis of dementia.

The course was required to supplement a popular face-to-face training programme about how to take a person-centred approach to patient care and prevent distress.

The aims of the e-learning were to refresh and remind learners of strategies to support people living with dementia and to support the application of theory and learning into practice.

The target audience included workers who engage with people with dementia on a regular basis with a good working knowledge of dementia and related care skills, for example care home staff and nurses.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove created a one-hour, bespoke e-learning module on psychological care essentials relating to dementia. Access to the content is simple via a fully responsive interface.

The modules explore psychological models covered in the face-to-face programme, and include activities which encourage the learner to apply the information within each model to their day-to-day experience.

The custom e-learning focuses on practical skills development, offering the learner a toolkit for providing improved care for people with a diagnosis of dementia in a variety of proactive ways, such as the use of communication strategies.

The design is self-reflective: the learner is asked to complete activities based on their own clinical experience and to apply tools to a case study of one of their own patients.

The responses the learner submits during each of these activities are collected in a progressive notepad feature which is compiled into a helpful resource.

The course finishes with an assessment to bring together the information covered and to further encourage the learner to apply the toolkit.