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Four modules for anti-crime specialists on spotting offences in healthcare settings


  • E-learning
  • Blended
  • Story/scenario driven

Walkgrove created a set of modules for anti-crime specialists to help them identify criminal offences within the health service.

The training need

The NHS Counter Fraud Authority (CFA) seeks to protect NHS staff and resources from activities that would otherwise undermine their effectiveness and their ability to meet the needs of patients and professionals. The CFA trains anti-crime specialists to support them in identifying and tackling fraud and related crime across the health service.

NHS CFA commissioned Walkgrove to develop a series of e-learning courses that would form part of their foundation-level accredited crime specialist training.

As part of the series, NHS CFA required a set of e-learning modules that would develop basic skills in identifying different crimes within the health service.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove created four professional and clear basic skills modules that would equip anti-crime specialists for further detailed training. Each 35-minute bespoke e-learning module focuses on a different offence: fraud, bribery, theft and other offences.

Learners are taught how to identify the offences as set out in the relevant legislative acts, as well as how to identify evidence in line with the key points of proof needed.

The custom e-learning modules use clear and clean presentation screens to explain key concepts and procedures. To gain familiarity with the offences prior to face-to-face training, learners are asked to analyse scenarios and determine whether an offence has occurred. Through answering questions about these cases in their own words, learners also create a bespoke printable handout that they can take to their classroom training course as a tool for further discussion and reflection.