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Self-diagnostic, scenario-based training and assessment


  • E-learning

The aim of this training is to provide a non-threatening diagnostic assessment tool with which responsible managers can assess the knowledge and understanding of all staff with accountabilities in the areas of gas main repair, renewal and modification.

It also provides an assessment of learners’ understanding and competence that will withstand internal and external audit and is used for contractors’ induction training.

Information that highlights areas of knowledge deficiency or other concerns are generated and displayed in an easy to understand format. These will indicate further training needs.

We used four scenarios, each presenting the learner with simulated job documentation, images representing the job site and associated equipment in various stages of job completion, together with access to laid down procedures. All include knowledge essential for dealing with main laying processes/procedures such as Bag Stopping, Purging and Use of Safety Equipment.

Learners progress through the simulated task as if it were a real job. Each scenario has a selection of deviations from required and each deviation has a form of variable interactive response that is collected and compared with a correct response to generate a score from which the learner’s knowledge and ability can be reliably inferred.