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Disability awareness training delivered through role-based, bite-size case studies


  • E-learning
  • Story/scenario driven

The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) applies to all employers and everyone who provides a service to the public. The purpose of the Act is to prevent discrimination against disabled people.

There are ten million disabled people in the UK and many more of the population who will have a responsibility for caring for a disabled person. Of course, many of these people will be National Grid’s customers and some will be employees.

Therefore, National Grid perceived it as important that all staff have an awareness of the DDA and the needs of disabled people. Staff should then be in a position to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to accommodate their needs. In fact, one of the suggested ‘reasonable adjustments’ included in the DDA is to provide formal Disability Awareness training and DDA training for all appropriate personnel.

The material is broken down into small learning ‘bites’ with clear navigation. The policies are set in the context of the line managers’ day-to-day activities whenever possible. We also use case studies that will assist the learner to transfer the knowledge to their own circumstances.

Case studies cover a variety of job roles taken from both office and field-based operations. The relevance of the DDA to the learner is brought to life by illustrating the impact of non-implementation and an emphasis on the consequences of not following the guidelines for both the individual and the organisation.