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Uplifting and revitalising training for new governance professionals


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The training need

The NGA had identified a requirement to update existing training for new clerks working within the context of school governance. The changes included amending the learning content and updating the look and feel of the module and its clunky functionality.

There was also an opportunity to improve the interactivity of the module, by introducing new activities and challenges throughout.

Our bespoke learning solution

NGA commissioned Walkgrove to update Module 8 of their Introduction to Clerking course, which focused on the processes required for the recruitment, appointment, election, and retirement of governors and trustees.

We created a contemporary, illustrated look-and-feel, using flat vector graphics to reinvigorate the learning screens and instantly modernise the experience for the learner. We also improved the functionality of the course by redesigning the learning screens using Articulate Storyline.

Our Instructional Designer for the project worked closely with NGA’s SMEs to implement the required content updates and recommend further improvements where they would make the most impact for the learner. We also used this collaboration to establish opportunities for scenario activities, challenging the learner to apply relevant information within an appropriate context.

The project was a huge success and we are thrilled to continue to work on projects with NGA in various capacities.