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Simple learning tool and training in e-learning development


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Walkgrove created four modules for Muscular Dystrophy UK about care for individuals with neuromuscular conditions, and trained the charity to create and edit e-learning themselves.

The training need

Based on feedback from patients and primary healthcare professionals, the charity Muscular Dystrophy UK identified a need to provide non-specialists with role-specific knowledge around neuromuscular conditions.

One of the charity’s aims is to support a wide range of professionals caring for people living with a muscle wasting condition and wanted to offer their network an upskilling tool that would support them in offering high quality care.

The charity commissioned Walkgrove to create online training that would develop a basic understanding and awareness of neuromuscular conditions and corresponding care as well as the common issues that healthcare professionals may encounter.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove created a simple but effective introduction to neuromuscular conditions designed to make a positive impact and provide accessible information for all. The 60-minute bespoke e-learning is divided into four tailored modules that focus on specific contexts relevant to different healthcare work occupations and settings.

The first module offers an overview for any individual who is involved in the care of a child or adult with a neuromuscular condition. The second module is for occupational therapists and wheelchair services staff and explains how to assess neuromuscular conditions. The third module provides information of relevance to nurses, while the fourth module engages education professionals.

To ensure understanding, the content is delivered in a friendly tone at a non-specialist level and the clear messages create a foundation of basic knowledge that the learner can use in their daily professional life. The custom e-learning design includes an engaging mix of on-screen text and high quality imagery, with interactions developed in the Articulate Storyline tool. We provided our lightweight LMS, Svelte, to launch the e-learning.

In order to assist our client with carrying out their own production and update of e-learning content, Walkgrove delivered tailored training to the Muscular Dystrophy team on how to use Storyline.