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A supportive introduction to mental wellbeing at work


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Walkgrove created a helpful and supportive introduction to workplace mental health for organisations of all sizes and employees in all sectors.

The training need

The national mental health charity, Mind, wanted to convert a popular and successful face-to-face training course about mental health awareness into a digital product. The organisation needed a bespoke e-learning course to complement their existing range of training interventions and give them another tool to promote better mental health in Britain.

The e-learning needed to introduce the topic of mental wellbeing in the workplace and had to be suitable for any and all employers who wanted to raise awareness of this issue within their organisation. Mind wanted the e-learning to give voice to the experiences of people with mental health problems, acknowledge the fears and reservations of individuals who wanted to support their colleagues and promote best practice approaches to mental health at work.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove created a one-hour bespoke e-learning introduction to raise awareness of mental health in the workplace. The e-learning development team replicated the warm and open approach of the face-to-face course within the modules, using a friendly and conversational style to introduce the importance of mental wellbeing. After explaining the symptoms and causes of common mental health problems, the modules suggest best practice approaches to looking after your own mental wellbeing and supporting others.

The look and feel of the e-learning is similar to an online magazine. Using an attractive range of glossy presentation styles, the modules intersperse helpful insights, hints and tips with real-life first person accounts by people with mental health problems. The modules use high-quality photography and video of Mind’s service users and supporters to promote a personal and empathic understanding of mental health issues, supplemented by helpful animations, short explanations and punchy tips. To further increase the course’s usefulness as a learning resource, the modules conclude with a helpful range of signposting links to further support and information.

After receiving exceptional feedback from the rollout of the e-learning, Mind decided to explore further development of the course into mobile-friendly and alternative language versions, as well as using portions of the modules as standalone training tools.

We’re absolutely delighted with it and are very grateful for all your amazing work!"

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