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Training to develop staff members’ ability to deal with death


  • E-learning
  • Consultancy/research

The aim of Final Lap is to ensure that staff of MHA care homes help residents and staff to face the reality of death with openness and positivity.

The e-learning comprises two 45-minute modules and supporting documentation including a Learner Journal and Mentor’s Guide. The initiative is supported by two or three champions in a care home who act as mentors to staff that undertake the course.

Module 1, What is a good death? enables learners to:

  •  Recognise the probability of death for residents in an MHA home
  •  Describe the ways that different faiths and cultures acknowledge death and celebrate the end of life
  •  List ways of overcoming and addressing the taboo of death
  •  Recognise their own attitude to death and that of the home itself
  •  Identify the rules and regulations that must be observed when a death occurs in the home

Module 2, How to support end of life care, enables the learner to:

  •  Describe methods for discussing death with the service user and supporting their wishes
  •  List techniques that can help support a good death
  •  Describe methods for supporting relatives and care staff after a death
  •  Identify where to find further information about issues before and after a death