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A comprehensive suite to provide core health and safety training for staff across Maximus UK


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    The training need

    Maximus UK had been using a suite of generic, off-the-shelf e-learning modules to provide core health and safety training for staff across all its UK businesses. This licence-based model was becoming increasingly expensive and therefore less sustainable; particularly as Maximus UK continues to grow both organically and in terms of business acquisitions. Additionally, from a quality and learning experience perspective, it was felt that a more bespoke solution was required, which was Maximus UK branded and incorporates specific and relevant examples, scenarios and case studies.

    Maximus UK commissioned Walkgrove to create a suite of eight modules to provide a consistent, high quality and more relevant health, safety and environment message that is accessible to everyone, across all Maximus UK businesses.

    Our bespoke learning solution

    We developed a fresh, engaging and high-impact portfolio of modules, which inform learners of Maximus’ health, safety and environment approach while also boosting confidence and provoking interest in the reasons behind their policies.

    Our solution comprisesf a collection of clearly structured, well written and succinct modules that focus on the key learning points and principles for each topic. Clear and concise content presentation ensures learners can identify important information at a glance, whilst attractive and value-adding photography and bespoke graphics reflect a range of typical Maximus UK working environments.

    Our instructional design treatment incorporates a range of devices and techniques to provide a contemporary, interactive, and dynamic learning experience. The modules include case studies, where relevant, which place a diverse range of typical Maximus employees at the centre of the training. Learners are encouraged to make decisions on behalf of these characters and explore different perspectives. This combines with varied formative self-test exercises and activities to validate learning and ensure comprehension and retention.

    Every solution within the portfolio includes a final quiz, enabling learners to assess their own learning gain and identify areas for further review. This ensures that learners are able to attest to their level of understanding at the end of each module. This ensures that Maximus UK, and the learners themselves, can be confident that all staff who have completed the training are equipped with the fundamental knowledge required to conduct work in accordance with their health, safety and environmental policies.