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  • E-learning
  • LMS
  • Story/scenario driven

Walkgrove created a clear guide for employees about how to keep company and customer data safe.

The training need

The employment services company Maximus UK needed to train its 4,000-strong British team on compliance issues and company policies and asked Walkgrove to build a suite of bespoke e-learning.

As part of the commission, Maximus wanted a course that would make employees aware of their responsibilities for following the company’s information, data and customer security practices. The overall aim was to avoid any security breaches through ensuring safe working and the course needed to outline the relevant policies and procedures that employees must observe.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove created a 30-minute online course to introduce and explore Maximus security practices. The concise topics include information security legislation requirements, how to protect customer data, guidance on appropriate use of technology and best practice office security.

In addition to clear tutorial screens that explain data security principles and processes, the custom e-learning course includes realistic examples and case studies throughout that illustrate common security threats and how to avoid breaches. The learning finishes with a quick quiz to test recall of essential information.

In addition to course development, Walkgrove provided Maximus with our learning management system Svelte, enabling learners to launch all their new e-learning modules quickly and easily.

Walkgrove also customised the information and data security e-learning for another Maximus company, Health Management Limited.