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Practical steps to protect children and vulnerable adults


  • E-learning
  • LMS
  • Story/scenario driven

Walkgrove created a practical introduction to safeguarding that would enable frontline staff to take protective action for children and adults at risk of harm.

The training need

Maximus UK is a leading provider of employment services. The company commissioned Walkgrove to build a series of e-learning courses on compliance issues and company policies, including an introduction to safeguarding children and vulnerable adults.

Maximus required a bespoke e-learning module that would introduce its 4,000 employees to safeguarding, including the relevant legal obligations.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove designed a simple but effective 35-minute e-learning introduction to safeguarding basics at Maximus. The course outlines what safeguarding is, sets out relevant safeguarding legislation and the policy framework, and makes learners aware of Maximus’ safeguarding responsibilities.

The bespoke e-learning includes concise and clear presentation screens that help learners to understand different types of safeguarding issues and definitions and their own role. The design is highly visual, using short text-based explanations paired with memory-boosting visual aids. 

To help Maximus learners identify safeguarding issues in their work and respond appropriately, the custom e-learning modules include regular case study-based exercises and challenges. The course finishes with a simple quiz that tests learners on safeguarding essentials and checks that they can apply key principles to realistic work situations.

Walkgrove also customised the safeguarding course for Health Management Limited, a subsidiary of Maximus UK.

To simplify learner access to the e-learning courses, Walkgrove provided Maximus with our lightweight learning management system, Svelte.