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Helping employment consultants to understand service delivery expectations


  • E-learning
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Walkgrove created a clear guide to service delivery standards and expectations for individuals working in employment support services.

The training need

Maximus UK is a major provider of national services and programmes that support people back into work. The company selected Walkgrove to develop a series of bespoke e-learning courses on internal policies and compliance. The range included a training programme on the Maximus service delivery model, Progress to Success.

Employment consultants are normally introduced to Progress to Success in face-to-face sessions by their managers, so the e-learning was required as a way to offer a more comprehensive overview and signpost to more detailed guidance.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove produced a 25-minute bespoke online course about Progress to Success, highlighting the key features that help employment consultants to do their job and support individuals into work. The course outlines the model’s steps to securing employment and the Maximus approach to helping someone begin a new job. To make the model clear and easy to understand, the custom e-learning design is highly visual, including helpful flow charts and step-by-step diagrams.

The learning content also includes suggestions for managing caseloads in line with service delivery expectations, and sets out the skills and knowledge required of employees to fulfill their responsibilities. In addition to offering essential high-level information in clear tutorial screens, the custom e-learning course refers regularly to the Progress to Success Toolkits, where learners can access further information.

The course ends with a simple quiz that tests learner knowledge on the key parts of the Progress to Success model.

To help Maximus launch Progress to Success and other e-learning courses, Walkgrove supplied the company with our lightweight learning management platform, Svelte.

Walkgrove also customised the e-learning course for another Maximus business, Health Management Limited.