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Helping teams in employment services to maintain performance standards


  • E-learning
  • LMS
  • Story/scenario driven

Walkgrove created a clear guide to minimum performance standards for individuals working in employment services.

The training need

Maximus UK, an outsourcing company which provides health, employment and people-focused services, needed a range of e-learning for its 4,000 staff. The organisation asked Walkgrove to develop a variety of bespoke programmes on internal policy and regulatory compliance topics.

Part of the training requirement included a course that would introduce Maximus staff to the company’s contractually agreed Minimum Service Levels (MSLs). Learners working in employment consultancy services needed to understand the expectations set by MSLs, their impact on the business and how they are measured.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove designed a 30-minute bespoke e-learning course to give Maximus employment consultancy learners the must-know information about minimum performance expectations. Each topic of the course covers an area of work and its associated minimum contractual service levels, with clear guidance on how learners can comply.

In addition to simple presentation screens explaining the core MSL standards, the course includes practical case studies that demonstrate how to apply them in practice. To complete the training, learners are required to take a short quiz that covers the key information.

Walkgrove also customised the course for another Maximus company, Health Management Limited.

To enable Maximus to offer learners an easy way to launch their learning courses while helping the company to track completion and assessment, Walkgrove provided Maximus with our lightweight learning management system, Svelte.