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Introducing the requirements and benefits of compliance


  • E-learning
  • LMS
  • Story/scenario driven

Walkgrove created an interactive introduction to key equality legislation and policies that promote respect at work.

The training need

Maximus UK provides end-to-end health and employment services across the United Kingdom and employs nearly 4,000 staff.

The company asked Walkgrove to develop a suite of e-learning courses on important compliance and policy topics. As part of this commission, Walkgrove was asked to develop a course that would encourage Maximus employees to respect and celebrate difference at work and comply with national equality legislation.

The e-learning course needed to ensure all staff understood their legal obligations. It also represented an opportunity to gain employee buy-in to the individual, business and customer benefits of valuing people of different life experiences and backgrounds.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove developed a bespoke one-hour e-learning course to introduce Maximus employees to the concepts of equality and diversity, the positive impact on the business when things are done right and the potential negative impacts if colleagues do not respect one another.

The course is full of quiz-based challenges and case studies that bring the subject matter to life. Learners begin with a self-awareness test that communicates the importance of measures to promote equality and respect for all. The modules go on to explain the essential elements of equality and anti-discrimination legislation and set out the company-wide policies that Maximus employees must follow, including anti-harassment and anti-bullying procedures.

The custom e-learning course ends with a simple quiz to test learners on their recall of the essential policies and legislation.

To simplify learner access to the e-learning courses, Walkgrove provided Maximus with our light learning management system, Svelte.

Walkgrove also customised the equality and diversity course for another Maximus company, Health Management Limited.