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Developing risk and safety management skills among adventure activity leaders


  • E-learning

Walkgrove created two helpful and practice-oriented health and safety e-learning modules for adult staff and volunteers who are involved in adventure activities with young people.

The training need

The Sea Cadets Corps (SCC) is a national youth charity supported by the Ministry of Defence. The charity works with 14,000 young people between 10 and 18 years old across the UK to deliver adventure activities that build practical life skills. The SCC wanted to improve formal training on health and safety for staff and volunteers. The charity needed two e-learning modules that would deliver key information about fulfilling health and safety responsibilities, particularly focusing on risk assessment and risk management in adventure activities such as sailing and hiking.

The SCC wanted to make training easily accessible for anyone in the SCC, showing that good health and safety management is neither difficult nor a chore. The target audience for an entry-level induction module included any adult involved in activities within the Corps, including 8,000-9,000 gender-diverse learners who varied in age from 18 to over 70. A higher level module was needed for anyone who could be responsible for managing health and safety in the Sea Cadets, including supervisors and managers.

Our bespoke e-learning solution ​

Walkgrove created a helpful entry-level custom e-learning module and a comprehensive guide to taking a leadership role in health and safety management within the SCC, delivering the ‘must know’ facts in a clear and practical way. Using short, engaging modules the content covers why and how to assess risk and manage common hazards. The higher module explores skills in more detail and encourages role modeling on health and safety.

As well as clear, bright and easy-to-understand tutorial screens, e-learning modules use questioning activities to check learner understanding throughout. To keep the modules concise, only the essential facts are included and learners are signposted to sources of further information if necessary. To help with a quiz-based challenge, asking them to apply their skills to a fictional Sea Cadets Corp activity scenario. To help the content feel even more relevant and inclusive, text content is supplemented with colourful and fun activity-based graphics and a range of positive photography of real-life, diverse Sea Cadets engaged in practical activities.