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Promoting anti-bullying as part of a child protection and safeguarding culture amongst volunteers


  • E-learning

Walkgrove created a practical and positive anti-bullying course for volunteers in the Sea Cadets Corps.

The training need

The Sea Cadets Corps is a national youth charity, working with 14,000 young people between 10 and 18 years old across the UK. The Sea Cadets identified a need for a bespoke e-learning course about how to prevent and deal with bullying, following leaver surveys which highlighted bullying as one of the top three reasons that cadets leave a unit.

The target audience was all adult volunteers and those working directly with young people within the Corps, including 8,000-9,000 gender-diverse volunteers who vary in age from 18 to over 70.

Our bespoke e-learning solution

Walkgrove created a compact, 45-minute custom e-learning module that helped adult volunteers to identify and understand bullying behaviour and gave them practical tools and encouragement to offer support to bullying victims. Each module contains a mixture of clear, easy-to-understand theory and frequent interactive exercises and activities that challenge learners to apply their new skills in practice.

All the e-learning content emphasises the core message that bullying is never acceptable. To help facilitate engagement and create an emotional and personal connection with the material, Walkgrove incorporated audio clips throughout the course of young volunteers and adult leaders talking about their experiences of bullying.

Despite the emotionally challenging subject matter, the e-learning uses techniques to raise awareness in a way that is light and engaging. E-learning development included bright and colourful graphics and a range of bespoke imagery. The resulting modules are packed with dynamic, positive photography of real-life sea cadets and officers engaged in practical activities. The use of photography helps to maintain engagement by ensuring that the content feels relevant to the everyday reality of leadership in the sea cadets. Image selection also highlighted diversity in ethnicity, age and gender, supporting a positive and inclusive learning experience.