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Five online courses providing tips and advice to keep female business travellers safe


  • E-learning
  • Mobile first, responsive
  • Simulation
Maiden Voyage commissioned Walkgrove to develop five fully responsive online modules to provide useful tips and advice to keep female business travellers safe. The online modules cover; hotel safety, pre-planning and packing, safe ground transportation, safe meetings and leisure time, and intercultural awareness, including information about local customs in key cities around the world.

The Women in Business Travel Report, research commissioned by Maiden Voyage, found that 1 in 4 women have suffered a negative incident whilst travelling on business and that 79% of female business travellers claim they are under-prepared to deal with the incidents they encounter. Training from Maiden Voyage ensures that women travellers are adequately informed and prepared for travel safety risks, and the potential challenges of a business destination. Previously training was only available in a classroom format, and in order to reach more women globally, Maiden Voyage had their key messages converted to e-learning.

The modules aim to encourage female travellers to be vigilant, to remember that politeness should always come secondary to personal safety, and to help them make the most out of their business trips at the same time as staying safe. The modules are targeted at global corporate organisations, as well as SMEs, providing a duty of care to their employees, and are appropriate for both experienced and inexperienced travellers.

The solution includes thought-provoking advice promoting safer business trips for females and comprises tutorials mixed with real-life experiences and simple animations, which bring the modules to life. Emotive and relevant examples help to engage the learner.

The modules are fully responsive and can be deployed on any platform – PCs, tablets and mobiles. We used the rapid authoring tool, Evolve, to create the modules. Learners navigate the modules, using forward back buttons; and the scrolling functionality, in the style of a parallax website, helps to maintain interest and engagement by presenting content in a fresh, modern format.

The look and feel of the e-learning complies with Maiden Voyage’s branding and corporate identity, but Walkgrove was mindful that the modules may need to be re-branded for Maiden Voyagecustomers. The Evolve authoring tool includes a theme editor, enabling company logos and brand colours to be quickly and easily changed across all modules.