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Customised diversity training


  • E-learning

Walkgrove created a customised version of our generic diversity and equality training for employees working in the high tech engineering and construction sector.

The training need

The M+W Group is a leading design, engineering and construction company specialising in projects for high tech facilities, life sciences and chemicals, energy and environment technologies and major complex works.

M+W UK has a dispersed workforce of approximately 800 people across the UK, Ireland, Belgium and Scandinavia. The Group wanted to complement their classroom-based training with e-learning, particularly for compliance topics.

M+W UK commissioned Walkgrove to produce a relevant e-learning solution that would promote respect and equal treatment amongst all its employees and mitigate any risks of bullying, discrimination or harassment within the workforce in line with relevant legislation.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove adapted our Ready to Go learning solution for M+W UK and created an e-learning course about diversity and equality for its international team.

The one-hour course begins with a thought-provoking activity that quizzes learners on revealing statistics about prejudice and discrimination in employment. This challenge helps to demonstrate the scale of the issue and the importance of promoting diverse and accepting workplaces.

The contemporary course design uses professional, concise and simply worded learning screens to explain the common issues that can occur for people of different identities at work. In addition to explaining equality and disability legislation, course content clearly sets out different options for redressing discrimination, victimisation, harassment and bullying, such as compensation.

The custom e-learning modules highlights the benefits of embracing difference and combating prejudice, supporting its memorable text-based content with positive photography of employees of different genders, ages, abilities and ethnic backgrounds.

The e-learning development team includes regular knowledge validation exercises in the course to check that learners understand key equality and diversity concepts and legislative provisions and can apply them to real-world examples. A short assessment concludes the learning experience.