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Training to improve gender-responsive emergency livestock interventions


  • E-learning
  • Mobile first, responsive
  • Animation
  • Story/scenario driven

LEGS commissioned Walkgrove to develop an e-learning module to educate staff on gender inequality and to promote gender responsive interventions.

The training need

As there was a gap in the current training programme it was important to create a module that explored a wide range of topics, from the basics of relevant definitions to in-depth case studies and matrices.

The target audience for the Gender Module is mainly practitioners and implementers of emergency response, as well as livestock professionals, general humanitarian workers and LEGS trainers.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove created a visually appealing and fully responsive e-learning module that complements existing face-to-face training. The e-learning was built in Evolve and comprises four topics that address various issues related to gender in the field.

Due to the global range of learners with different backgrounds, maintaining engagement was very important. A key device was to ensure that the learner always feels that the learning is directly relevant to them. Emotive examples were used to draw the learner in and deliver key learning points within a realistic context, so that learning is relevant and transferable to real life situations.

A mix of interactions were selected including simple animations and infographics to make information clear, memorable and easily absorbed.

The imagery in the course is largely a mixture of photographs supplied by LEGS and stock photography, together with some branded icons.

“Thank you so much for the course, we’re really happy with it and we were amazed at how quick you guys are!”
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