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Supporting vital public legal education for the community with affordable e-learning


  • E-learning
  • Story/scenario driven
Walkgrove supported national charity Law for Life with a public legal education initiative to help ordinary people gain vital knowledge about their legal rights, creating an affordable bespoke learning solution and providing free hosting services.

The learning challenge

Law for Life is a charity dedicated to ensuring that people have the confidence and skills needed to secure access to justice. Tens of thousands of people need to make sense of the law to deal with everyday challenges such as housing and family difficulties, benefit entitlement issues, and employment disputes. Left unresolved, such challenges can become drivers of poverty and inequality. Law for Life wanted to create a bespoke e-learning module that would support ordinary people, particularly those who are vulnerable and disadvantaged, to access reliable advice about common legal issues.

Law for Life was passionate about building a custom e-learning solution, but had an extremely tight budget and no learning management system to host their e-learning. After consulting with several e-learning specialists, Law for Life selected Walkgrove to develop a bespoke learning solution.

Our learning solution

Walkgrove’s e-learning development team worked closely with Law for Life to refine the project brief and explore effective in-budget technical solutions before creating storyboards and testing pilot modules. To support this important community initiative, Walkgrove also agreed to host both bespoke e-learning courses for free via our learning management system.

Walkgrove developed two clear and engaging custom e-learning courses to explain everyday legal rights and sources of reliable legal information. The first course, Finding out about the law, covered the basics about how to find reliable legal advice. The second, Benefit Sanctions, was designed so that learners could understand how to avoid being sanctioned, and what they could do if ever subject to benefits sanction.

Both e-learning courses use a case study approach to teach learners how to address common legal issues. The first follows the story of Mia, who has problems with her neighbours, as well as Mary, who wants to take her children out of school, 14-year-old Sasha who is looking for work, and George, who is retiring and hoping to access housing benefit. The Benefit Sanctions module similarly uses real-world examples of people who have had their benefits stopped for different reasons.

The e-learning modules use a friendly tone of voice, attractive line-drawing illustrations and relatable scenarios to make it easy for a diverse range of learners to engage with the information. The learning content was separated into easily digestible chunks and learners were offered regular opportunities to put their newly acquired knowledge into practice, through scenario-based knowledge checks and through short internet-based exercises. Through this creative bespoke learning solution, Walkgrove’s e-learning development team made it simple for community learners to understand how to find trustworthy legal advice on common topics. Both the courses were also produced with an audio voiceover, providing additional support to people who face literacy or English language barriers to learning.

I thought this was excellent. I didn’t even realise that I spent an hour doing this because I was so engrossed in it. This really opened my eyes. I didn’t know most of these things. I didn’t know that I had any rights, especially about appealing wrong decisions."
Law for Life