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Scenario-based behaviour change training for healthcare professionals


  • E-learning
  • Video
  • Story/scenario driven

The requirement

The course needed to be based around scenarios and case-study exercises, so that the learning was an active experience and the topics were grounded in a realistic context.

We felt that learners needed to be provided with enough examples, and support to enable them to be able to help and advise patients/service users to bring about behaviour change.

Most of all, learners needed to understand the importance of the various subjects for service users, so that they could deal sensitively with challenging subjects, like domestic abuse and adverse childhood experiences.

The solution

We wanted to keep the course focused on what the learner needed to know so that they could literally finish the course and put what they learned into practice the next day at work. So we avoided loading learners with unnecessary information, or information that they already knew.

We also knew that we needed to convey the importance of these subjects by providing them with key facts. For this reason we made sure to include ‘shock tactics’, such as surprising statistics creatively presented, that would help to deliver those key facts.

The experience had to be interactive, stimulating and informative. So we incorporated elements of storytelling as far as possible. People enjoy learning through stories, so we incorporated both concrete examples and short stories featuring characters with typical experiences, including direct quotes from the characters, as a way of engaging learners.

We also knew that it would be important to appeal to learners directly in this course. The subject of health and wellbeing is something we can all identify with and, of course, learning is most effective, and learners are most engaged, when they feel that what they are learning applies to them.