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A self-guided e-learning module based on United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation and the Decent Work Agenda – A Trade Union Reference Manual


  • E-learning
  • Animation
  • Mobile friendly, non-responsive
  • Video

Walkgrove developed a bespoke e-learning course to support the International Labour Organization (ILO) in providing a digital training version of their Trade Union Reference Manual.

The training challenge

The ILO previously conducted their training through face-to-face interactions or workshops. With the onset of COVID-19, ILO naturally continued its approach but digitally, with most activities taking place through webinars. This unfortunately faced its own challenges; as some participants found this method difficult to learn at their own pace, whilst also suffering from webinar fatigue.

ILO required a solution that addresses the Union’s current lack of understanding of the UN reforms and Agenda 2030. Its aim was to give unions an e-learning tool that can support multiple Unions, keep up with demand and offer a self-guided solution, whilst also building the critical knowledge and skills required to effectively influence developmental policies and programs on a national level.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove created a three-module self-guided e-learning courses. Each module comprises several topics which must be completed sequentially to progress.

Based on information derived from the ILO’s Trade Reference Manual, the course is broken down into manageable sections, with essential information presented in clear and concise language, with key elements highlighted and explanations of application in practice provided where necessary. The course is designed to allow the learner to gain knowledge and insight into the critical information, with the manual provided as a full supplementary resource with learner prompts included where further research within the manual may be required. By chunking information into short sections, the learner can:

  • Undertake learning and development at their own pace
  • Learn the essential information
  • Find answers to common questions
  • Gain insight into areas that require further exploration 
  • Read summaries to ensure they understand the learning objectives and synthesise the information

Each section utilises effective, proven pedagogical learning methods, with information chunked and presented in a variety of interactive styles, to maximise the learners’ understanding, retention, and engagement. Animations and videos enhance user engagement, provide explanations, and illustrate key concepts.

To reinforce learner understanding, knowledge checks are included at regular intervals and a formal assessment is included at the end of each section which users must pass to complete the section. Completion of the formal assessment is reported to the client’s Learning Management System allowing for status reports on learner progress, and identification of knowledge gaps. Recognising the diverse, cross-country challenges and requirements of the learning program, the course is;

  • Self-guided, allowing the user to access and complete at their own time and pace
  • Compatible across multiple operating systems
  • Mobile-friendly

By providing a succinct and engaging e-learning module, Walkgrove ensured ILO has a robust learning resource that can adapt and respond to the changing dynamics and challenges present during and beyond Covid-19, ensuring they can continue to provide effective learning and development.