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Virtual boardroom learning environment for new business leaders


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Walkgrove created a short e-learning module for the Institute of Directors (IoD) to showcase their learning resources, using a virtual boardroom and realistic crisis scenario to train new business leaders in company management and oversight.

The training need

The IoD wanted to expand their online offering of resources in support of their commitment to continuing professional development for directors. A short, bespoke e-learning module was needed that could prepare newly appointed leaders of small to medium enterprises with the right knowledge and mindset to fully support their organisation.

The online training is the first module that the IOD has made freely available to the general public. The module acts as an enticing taster for the wider IOD learning Academy, showcasing the resources and content available and thereby helping the IOD reach as many directors as possible. The IOD wanted a high-quality solution that was suitable for a broad audience of new directors from diverse backgrounds.

Our bespoke e-learning solution

Walkgrove created a 30-minute custom e-learning module that introduces new business leaders to the key requirements of fulfilling their role as a director.

The module places learners in the context of a virtual boardroom meeting, offering them the chance to understand the director’s role, company governance frameworks, organisational structure and shareholder agreements before entering a challenging scenario. The first part of the module allows learners to explore essential information in bite-size topics by selecting different individuals, documents and items in the boardroom. To appeal to a target audience of highly competent and motivated individuals, learners are free to access as much of the information as they want and in any order before deciding to start the scenario. This gives them maximum control and enables them to tailor the learning experience to their existing knowledge and skills.

Under the premise of a cyber security crisis situation, the second half of the module asks learners to enter a board meeting scenario as a director and assess information, ask the right questions and make appropriate plans. As the meeting unfolds, learners are asked to complete interactive challenges that include decision-making and reflection activities. So that learners can understand the realistic impact of their choices, the scenario uses tailored feedback to explain different outcomes, so that learners can see the realistic impact of their choices. This practice-based approach is designed to help learners apply knowledge in a situation similar to that which they may face in real life, helping them learn by experience and fully engage with the content.

High-quality illustration, carefully selected photography and slick interface design supports an enjoyable and relevant learning experience that would suit a broad audience of directors.