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Best practices for ISO 44001 accreditation


  • E-learning

Walkgrove created entry-level awareness-raising modules on collaborative working and ISO 44001 (formerly BS11000) for a range of clients.

The training need

BS11000 was a British Standard that provided a framework specification for creating and managing collaborative business relationships. Walkgrove worked with Carillion to develop a Collaborative Working e-learning module based on this standard. The e-learning needed to develop a basic level of awareness of the stages of the framework and provide a foundation for further training on collaborative working skills.

Walkgrove were also later requested to create customised versions of the same course for Scotrail, who run Scotland’s commuter and regional rail services, Abellio and the Defence Infrastructure Organisation.. The standard has subsequently been replaced with ISO44001 and the DIO were the first client to get the new version.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove developed a bespoke e-learning course for Scotrail learners that explained the principles of collaborative working, the essential features of the BS11000 framework and outlines key responsibilities and relevant documents. It also signposts where to find further useful information.

The learning module features professionally presented and stylish learning screens that divide key concepts into easily absorbed pieces of information. The custom e-learning design takes an exploratory approach, so that learners can discover essential collaborative working documents, processes and principles at their own pace.

To customise the content to Scotrail, the module features photography of Scotrail colleagues, tips and advice from realistic characters, and reference to Scotrail values and ways of working.

At the end of the 35-minute module there is a short assessment to check the learner has achieved a basic understanding of collaborative working.

The new version of the module was created for IOD and a version will shortly be created for Sellafield.