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Developing safety-focused Traffic Marshals for managing HS2 site visits


  • Blended
  • Face to face
  • Story/scenario driven
  • Video
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The training need

Traffic Marshals are on the front line of the HS2 transformation. Their work involves carrying out vehicle checks and managing the safety of vehicles, pedestrians and the general public as they access and exit the site.

HS2 identified a need to provide Traffic Marshals with specific training that would enable them to take control of any incident at an HS2 site correctly, consistently and confidently.

Traffic Marshals have a range of experience levels and are a transient workforce, and the same is true of the Duty Access Managers who supervise them.

The intention of the course was to create sustainable behaviour change and a more positive attitude to safety.

Key learning outcomes from the training included the requirement for Traffic Marshals to be able to:

  • Describe the responsibilities of the HS2 Traffic Marshal when managing risks at the construction site entry and exit points
  • Take appropriate action in the event of incidents, breakdowns, security breaches and demonstrations
  • Understand how vital it is for them to represent HS2 positively and consistently to the general public
  • Demonstrate how the Traffic Marshal’s role interacts with other HS2 site/gate roles

The course will empower the Traffic Marshal by promoting a balance between assertiveness and authority in terms of ultimate safety responsibility.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove created a visually appealing face-to-face training solution, which includes:

  • A media rich PowerPoint slide deck
  • An accompanying comprehensive trainer guide
  • Bespoke photography and videos
  • A pilot test run

We adopted a highly interactive approach to engage this diverse audience to ensure every message is well understood and can be applied in practice.

The course addresses:

  • The Traffic Marshal’s vital role in ensuring the safety of vehicles and pedestrians entering and leaving HS2 construction sites
  • How much Traffic Marshals are valued by the organisation as ‘brand ambassadors’ for HS2
  • The softer skills that staff need when interacting with the public and dealing with conflict

We followed the latest HS2 brand guidelines for all imagery, photography and visual assets created for this project. To maintain the integrity of the HS2 brand, all bespoke photography and video production took place at HS2 (and HS2-approved) sites.