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Blended learning for safe professional driving in a rural environment


  • E-learning
  • Blended
  • Video
  • Animation
  • 3D
  • Simulation

Walkgrove developed a seven-hour, face-to-face training course and a media-rich short e-learning module on HGV driving safety for Premier Partnership on behalf of High Speed Two (HS2).

The training need

In constructing a new high-speed railway across the United Kingdom, HS2 wanted to ensure that high standards of safety could be maintained across their supply chain. Heavy goods vehicle (HGV) operators were appointed to the project to provide Phase 1 services to HS2 work sites across the country, largely in rural environments.

HS2 managers identified a training gap for their HGV operators in understanding the driving safety risks and appropriate driving standards that are particular to rural environments. HS2 required a blended learning solution to meet this need. Face-to-face training was to be a contractual requirement for all HGV operators working on the project who needed access to HS2 work sites. E-learning was also needed as a learning refresher and remedial tool for non-compliant drivers.

The learning audience was highly transient and diverse in age, knowledge, employment status, culture and language, with many learners speaking English as a foreign language.

Our blended learning solution

Walkgrove created an interactive blended learning solution for HS2 to promote the safest HGV operating standards and driving professionalism. The blend explained key contractual requirements for drivers, equipped drivers to handle rural hazards and helped drivers understand how to meet expectations of positive attitudes and behaviour while driving for HS2.

The comprehensive face-to-face workshop was designed to engage learners on these key topics of rural driving safety in eight concise lessons. The training day was supported by an extensive course trainer pack, which included a colourful and engaging PowerPoint learning tool and associated trainer notes. The day-long course was JAUPT-approved and accredited by the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence.

To address a target audience with possibly limited English skills, both the face-to-face training and bespoke e-learning module adopted a highly visual approach and Plain English standards for jargon-free, clear communication. To improve engagement, the custom e-learning module was media-rich and used 3D graphics, animation, video and frequent interactivity to reinforce and refresh the learner’s understanding of the key points from the face-to-face training.

To ensure that HGV drivers could see the immediate practical relevance of the learning materials, blended learning content presentation focused on using real-world examples and case studies, reinforced by bespoke HS2 photography.

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