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Document management systems training for Home Office staff, using the ‘show’ and ‘try’ method


  • E-learning
  • Simulation

The Requirement

The Home Office required a bespoke e-learning course to support staff across the organisation following the roll out of i-Manage, their document management system.

The course needed to be designed to work alongside the existing ‘How to Guide’ and, most importantly, provide a safe, controlled environment in which learners could become familiar with the system, try out key tasks and find out where everything they needed was located.

The course therefore needed to do several things: sell the system and show its advantages; make it clear how it would help staff to meet their legal obligations, and, most importantly demonstrate how to use it.

Our Solution

The result is a highly interactive, straightforward course which achieves its objectives of both demonstrating the value of the updated system and preparing learners to use it.

The learning includes a mixture of ‘show’ and ‘try’ elements throughout, so that learners are able to familiarise themselves with the key tasks that they need to perform on the system. Basic elements (eg logging on to the system) are simply shown, while more challenging tasks make use of the ‘try’/practise features. All key tasks are explained in simple, straightforward language.

We combined demonstration screenshots from the system with high quality photography and iconography to make a course that is clean, smart and on-brand.

We also ensured that the course is useful as a ‘dip in’ resource. Learners can sign into the course after completing it, to remind themselves of how to carry out a key task.

"Very happy with the final output. Any issues/changes were always actioned and nothing was missed. One of the modules required revisions late in the development process and they were handled quickly and effectively by the development team.”
Home Office