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Bite-size training on essential skills for global leaders


  • E-learning
  • Mobile first, responsive
Walkgrove created a series of clear management guides to support international personnel with their team development skills and mental health awareness.

The training need

Hologic, Inc (Hologic) is a global medical technology company focused on women’s health. The company approached Walkgrove to develop a digital training programme that would support its goal to improve manager capabilities across the organisation.

Walkgrove was asked to develop the first part of a larger suite of bespoke e-learning for people managers, to be deployed on a new self-guided learning platform. The need was for some light-touch, easily digestible modules on personal and performance development of people and teams, and on tools for supporting mental wellbeing.

Walkgrove also responded to a pressing and complementary requirement for simple systems training on Hologic’s internal management software.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove delivered six bite-size, ten-minute e-learning modules for Hologic managers. The custom e-learning modules cover key topics for leaders, including nurturing high-performing teams, strategies for productive and supportive conversations, taking care of mental health and setting expectations.

To suit the busy schedules of the professional target audience, the e-learning development team created content that is snappy and to the point. The fully mobile-responsive content structure also facilitates learning on the go and in small bursts.

Despite their brevity, the custom e-learning modules are warm, friendly and encouraging in tone. There is no formal assessment. Instead, knowledge consolidation is achieved through regular quiz questions and simple review and recap sections.

In addition to memory-boosting flash cards, interactive top tips and infographics, the modules feature stylish illustrative photography. To help engage learners, the visuals for each module reflect inspiring metaphors and themes, such as a high-altitude expedition to represent team achievement, or nurturing plants to represent growth.

Walkgrove also delivered helpful, mobile-friendly systems training to support Hologic managers in using compensation and performance tracking software. The step-by-step guidance and interactive systems screens were built rapidly to meet a demanding two-week deadline.

Walkgrove continues to work with Hologic to expand their series of confidence-boosting training for managers, including the design and delivery of video tutorials and further bespoke e-learning.