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Training to enable staff to offer ‘Brief Advice’ on key health issues


  • E-learning
  • LMS

HM Partnerships selected Walkgrove to develop a bespoke e-learning module on the subject of Brief Interventions.

HM Partnerships is a social enterprise based in Merseyside with a strong track record in delivering public health consultancy services across Europe.

The aim of the e-learning is to help and support front-line workers (often with non public health backgrounds) in the NHS, local authority and voluntary sectors to deliver brief interventions as part of their day-to-day contact with customers.

The focus is on the major lifestyle risk factors; healthy eating, healthy weight, physical activity, mental health and wellbeing, alcohol, sexual health and smoking. This e-learning includes the provision/signposting of advice to service deliverers and local intelligence.

The e-learning makes an ideal focal point for the promotion of key health issues to reduce health inequalities across the North West region and in a wider capacity nationally. The course can be used in collaboration with other courses and initiatives or as part of a blended learning program to outline the scale of the problem and the importance of the part everyone plays in the solution to improve health and wellbeing. Ultimately the e-learning will aim to change attitudes and behaviour towards health and give learners the confidence to offer ‘Brief Advice’ on key health issues.

Walkgrove also provided a hosting and tracking solution for the modules based on their own application.