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Light-touch learning to embed sustainability strategy


  • E-learning
  • Mobile friendly, non-responsive

Walkgrove created a concise, positive e-learning and presentation resource for Heathrow to help all staff to connect with the corporate sustainability strategy.

The training need

Heathrow wanted to ensure that all employees had an understanding of its ambitious strategy to deliver sustainable growth with positive environmental, economic and community impacts. Although engagement activities had been conducted around strategy Heathrow 2.0, the messaging had not necessarily reached all departments and levels of the business, which employs 76,000 staff.

A short online learning experience was needed to widen exposure to Heathrow 2.0, increase understanding throughout the business of what sustainability means and engage all colleagues with the relevance of sustainability to their role. The e-learning would become a cornerstone of future staff inductions and needed to be broadly accessible to employees of all departments and experience levels. Heathrow also required another version of the product that could act as a resource to support presenter-led events.

Our bespoke e-learning solution

Walkgrove created a 20-minute custom e-learning resource and presentation aide that offers an inclusive and interesting introduction to the Heathrow 2.0 sustainability strategy. Succinct text-based content explains the rationale for considering sustainability, accompanied by diverse graphical scenes from the airport that showcases Heathrow’s community setting and international connections using a vibrant and striking illustration style. The bespoke e-learning piece is complemented by engaging audio narration and interactive graphics to create an overall positive experience to capture learner interest and ensure they acquire a foundation level of understanding.

Real-life video clips of diverse colleagues talking about the strategy were also used. These help to build a sense of personal connection between learners’ day-to-day working lives and the strategy’s objectives. To maintain a ‘light touch’ approach, the resource avoids formal assessment and instead encourages learners to self-reflect on their role in delivering the strategy at key points in the learning.