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Training to support vigilance on the frontline against modern slavery


  • E-learning
  • Mobile first, responsive

Walkgrove created a short, responsive training module for all staff at Heathrow that would enable them to work with vigilance against modern slavery and human trafficking in Europe’s busiest airport.

The training need

As a key point of entry into the UK that welcomes 75 million visitors each year, Heathrow airport recognised its unique responsibility to lead the way in preventing modern slavery and trafficking. Heathrow had recently produced a new policy on modern slavery and needed to educate all relevant staff on how to identify and challenge it in the Heathrow context.

Heathrow required training that would educate its entire direct staff team of 6,000 people, including teams working both inside and outside the terminal. There was a need to build a high-level awareness of the topic for all colleagues, as well as secure buy-in from those in particularly important anti-slavery roles who would be doing further training.

Our bespoke e-learning solution

Walkgrove created a compact, 15-minute custom e-learning solution that explains the facts of modern slavery and Heathrow colleagues’ duties to prevent it. To ensure access by a wide target audience, the solution was designed responsibly so it can be viewed easily on desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

A rich mix of animation, video and interactive exercises are used to challenge learners’ preconceptions about the topic and deliver facts and figures in an interesting way that conveys the enormous scale of the issue. The stark monochrome graphical theme and compelling photography helps to reinforce the serious tone and communicate the devastating impacts of modern slavery, creating an emotional engagement with the subject matter and a sense of obligation to act.

Emotive video reconstructions and tailored case studies are used to tell realistic, individual stories of slavery and trafficking, giving learners a sense of the harrowing experiences happening to real people right now. These stories underlined to staff the importance of their own actions and vigilance in their day-to-day role in order to support people suffering severe forms of exploitation.