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Practical actions to address environmental impacts


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Walkgrove created two clear and practical e-learning modules to help Heathrow employees mitigate some of the environmental impacts of Heathrow’s operations.

The training need

The nature and scale of Heathrow’s operations means that they have significant impacts on the environment. Heathrow is closely scrutinised by regulators, investors and groups representing the community and the environment. The company wanted to demonstrate company-wide commitment to reducing its impacts.

Following deployment of bespoke e-learning on Heathrow’s sustainability strategy, the company again commissioned Walkgrove to help improve business-wide competency in environmental management. Heathrow chose an e-learning solution to help improve the efficiency and reach of training delivery to its 76,000 staff members.

The environmental management training was needed primarily for operational employees, but the training had to be relevant for all departments and staff.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove created two flexible e-learning modules, providing a total of 45 minutes of helpful guidance about managing Heathrow’s impacts on land, air, water, noise and climate.

Our custom e-learning development team worked with Heathrow to produce contemporary and attractive training designs with a common interface design and visual style to reflect Heathrow’s sustainability strategy e-learning.

The modules focus on raising awareness at a high level about the importance of managing Heathrow’s environmental impacts, as well as providing more in-depth and technical materials for operational staff.

Using narration, concise on-screen text, eye-catching diagrams and high-quality photography of Heathrow’s operations, the modules deliver clear and impactful environmental information. They set out the scope and relevance of regulatory requirements, Heathrow’s environmental policies and environmental management systems.

The e-learning includes regular thought-provoking quiz questions and examples to focus on the day-to-day actions that Heathrow employees can take to limit environmental impacts.