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Scalable, bespoke e-learning delivery solution for energy company trainers


  • E-learning
  • LMS
  • 3D
  • Animation
  • Mobile friendly, non-responsive
  • Simulation
  • Story/scenario driven
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    FieldTwin Design Fundamentals is a module in FutureOn’s new training programme, making it possible for learners to self-serve and achieve a basic level of competency before moving on to further modules.

    The training challenge

    FutureOn is an oil and gas application developer offering facilitated training sessions to energy companies using the FieldTwin platform and FieldTwin Design application to visualise its offshore engineering workflows. The company wanted to find an alternative solution that would allow them to reduce costs, maintain standards and scale up their provision.

    FutureOn was providing training to customers through a document repository and help section on its corporate website, as well as ad hoc face-to-face and virtual tutoring sessions. However, this approach created a few issues. They found:

    • Different customers and users had different needs and requirements, meaning a one-size-fits-all approach was not optimal
    • The learning experience was inconsistent as the FutureOn product team were not experts in training design and delivery
    • The FutureOn product team was distracted from core tasks related to strategy, direction product development and maintenance
    • More structure and focus were required in the training

    To scale its training, FutureOn needed a bespoke e-learning solution – one that would enable autonomous learning and expand its training to non-customers, allowing people to upskill and become FutureOn certified.

    The intended audience would include a range of beginner- to expert-level users of the FieldTwin Design application.

    Our bespoke learning solution

    We developed a bespoke e-learning solution for FutureOn, deployed by our Svelte learning management system.

    FieldTwin Design Fundamentals is one module in a wider programme that allows learners to pass through competency ‘gates’ as they develop their skills using FieldTwin Design and other FutureOn products.

    Designed to generate interest in FutureOn and bring all users up to a minimum level of understanding, knowledge and competence before they take their learning forward with subsequent modules, FieldTwin Design Fundamentals provides:

    1. An introduction to FutureOn

    2. An overview of FieldTwin and FieldTwin Design – including its main benefits and features, navigation, main functions and how to create a new project

    3. A series of tasks for learners to practise using the application themselves

    4. An opportunity for learners to test their knowledge

    The module features a mix of screen types, text and audio guidance, and pop-up ‘top tips’ delivering useful guidance alongside the core learning syllabus.

    Learning on the module is highly engaging and interactive, putting each learner in control of their own progress, resulting in higher levels of engagement and knowledge retention.