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Collaborate is an addition to FutureOn’s e-learning suite, which aims to instill users with the confidence to effectively utilise the Collaborate software


  • E-learning
  • Mobile friendly, non responsive
  • 3D
  • Simulation
  • Story/scenario driven
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    The training need

    FutureOn developed an add on to their FieldTwin program, FieldTwin Collaborate. Essentially, this is a digital forum designed to help collaboration between existing users, allowing them to share and store data within an application. As the target audience for this training, ie Design Users, is the same, FutureOn was looking to create a new e-learning journey that would work in conjunction with the original FieldTwin course.

    FutureOn had identified some potentially hard-to-grasp concepts that could undermine the user experience. To address this, they wanted to create a short e-learning module that would provide users with an interactive and comprehensive approach to the Collaborate program.

    Our bespoke learning solution

    In response to FutureOn’s’ requirements, Walkgrove created a progressive, modular programme of learning that demonstrates the various features of the Collaborate software in an interactive and engaging manner.

    Using a stimulating mix of interactive screen types, learners are given autonomy over their learning journeys, allowing for better knowledge uptake and retention. Engagement is encouraged by using diagrams and infographics, which help learners to visualise the collaboration process in a conceptual way.

    Case studies are used throughout the module, so that the content is placed into a relatable and real-world context for learners. This is aided by continuous knowledge checks.

    Key features:

    • The use of 3D visuals and images
    • A stimulating mix of interactive screens and knowledge checks
    • The use of case studies to add credibility to the learning