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Concepts and tools to support women and girls


  • E-learning
  • Mobile friendly, non-responsive
  • Animation

Walkgrove created a positive, awareness-building bespoke e-learning module to promote gender equality as part of international food security work.

The training need

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations leads international efforts to defeat hunger and seeks to achieve gender equality in agriculture, food security and nutrition as a crucial part of attaining its goals.

The FAO Policy on Gender Equality guides FAO’s work in advancing the equality of women and men. The organisation wanted to bring the policy to life and strengthen the gender knowledge and skills of staff. FAO commissioned Walkgrove to produce an engaging and highly interactive e-learning module.

Aimed at all FAO employees, the learning solution needed to develop basic understanding of gender equality concepts and their relevance to FAO’s work, and introduce the tools available to empower rural women and integrate equality measures in all projects.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove created a concise, 30-minute module about gender equality in FAO’s work. The content explores why gender equality is important to FAO’s mission, explains key gender equality concepts, and illustrates the key frameworks, techniques and processes available to integrate women’s empowerment into FAO programmes.

The bespoke e-learning course is media-rich, including custom infographics and animations, an illustrated course avatar and friendly audio narration. Throughout the module, learning points are supplemented with empowering photography of rural women and men working together, highlighting the value of all genders to food security and nutrition across the globe.

Gender equality concepts and tools are presented via interactive custom presentation and activity screens, including an introductory exercise that explores the additional barriers facing rural women in accessing resources and services through the eyes of two farmers.  Learning screens are highly dynamic, with elegant on-screen transitions between learning components that add to learner enjoyment through exploration.

The mobile-friendly custom e-learning features real-world examples and case studies throughout that highlight the challenges facing women and girls, demonstrate the barriers to equality and showcase FAO tools and projects that promote women’s empowerment.