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A tutor supported strategic thinking e-learning program


  • E-learning
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In order to be able to lead change and meet its departmental strategic objectives, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) require all staff, from junior members to ambassadors, to think more strategically.

The FCO commissioned Walkgrove to develop a tutor supported strategic thinking e-learning program to deliver a combination of underpinning knowledge allied with an understanding of theoretical concepts.

One of the key challenges was to make the learning relevant to each learner given the wide ranging audience. To help achieve this, modules are illustrated by case studies to contextualise the content and make it feel realistic and relevant to the learner and their job function.

The case studies require the learner to make choices about what action to take in a given situation and/or decide on the possible consequences of an action that has already been taken. Module 5 features a major case study to consolidate learning based on the fictional state of Ruritania.

In the final module, learners are provided with a summary of the main learning points and are then encouraged to participate in an offline project-based activity supported by a manager, colleague, mentor or tutor – or a mix of these.

Supported learning

This solution includes offline, work-based projects and professional specialist coaching that is provided by Walkgrove via email with supplementary telephone support if required.