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Scenario-based blended program highlighting security procedures for FCO staff


  • E-learning
  • Story/scenario driven

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has over 200 overseas diplomatic posts (Embassies, High Commissions, Consulates and Missions to international organisations). In addition to UK diplomats overseas, some 8,000 staff are employed locally.

It is essential that all FCO staff are security-aware and follow the proper procedures in order to protect:

  •  Staff and families from terrorist attack and criminal violence
  •  Information from those who could use it to damage the UK’s national interest
  •  Buildings and assets from physical damage, theft or unauthorised access
  •  The FCO’s reputation as a professional organisation

Walkgrove developed an e-learning module, constructed around realistic stories and interactive dialogue, to highlight security issues and outline baseline security procedures for FCO staff working at home and abroad. The main aim of the e-learning is to highlight security awareness and help staff acquire or maintain the key behaviours required of them.
The module forms part of a blended learning programme and its completion is a pre-requisite for attending an in-house security course. Overseas, the e-learning is followed up by face-to-face briefings or team events with an Overseas Security Manager.

The e-learning is also used as a ‘standalone’ refresher module for all staff.